Need Help Finding Direction?

Failure is the back door to Success


“I don’t know what to do with my life!”  or “I cannot find what I am passionate about!”  Have you heard this before?  I hear it a lot.   In this weeks post, we will explore five ways to address this haunting problem. First: Failure is the Backdoor to Success. The first thing we need to do is to […]

4 Ways to Think About the Masculinity of God

Is God Masculine rather than Feminine ?


“Women are worth less than men.”  “Women are not made in the image of God.” “Women are a necessary evil in society.”  Sadly all of these sayings were held and still held by many in society even women themselves! Is male dominance the reason God is called a “He” in Theistic Scriptures?  Was it the […]

10 Simple Rules to get the most out of your Biblical Study

Principles that have helped me to interpret the Bible


“How can you Christians pick and choose what you want from the Bible? How can you know what the Bible says from what you want it to say? In this post I will share 10 simple ways to interpret the Bible that are not simplistic. In fact famous atheist Sam Harris in his book, The […]

Faith vs Science

Wonderful Presentation on Science and Religion by Chris Oldfield


“When someone tells you there is no truth, they are telling you not to believe them.  So don’t!” This is just one of Chris Oldfield’s points, from Kings College London.   Is there any truth at all in religion comparable with truth in science? In this post, we can consider and rethink the connection between spiritually […]

4 Unexpected ways to address a suffering marriage

Help for a husband who is just not getting it

bad marriage, how to fix marriage, Angry  couple yelling at each other.

So my wife and I get into it! What a surprise. Early on in our marriage, I did what any insane, first-year married man would do, I took her to marriage counseling to fix her. What happened next, was not what I expected. The marriage counselor told me that it was a good thing we […]

How to avoid making the most embarrassing of logical errors

Avoid cutting your own philosophical throat


She stood up in my class and gave us all three logical reasons is to why logic is not useful and reasoned for us as to why we should not be using reason.   My student, was cutting her own philosophical throat.  She was making what philosophers call a self-refuting statement.  Allow me to explain. […]

OneStory Conference:

The Mythology and Theology of Superheroes


“The mythology/theology of Superheroes”  I will have the privilege of speaking at an upcoming conference in the Chicago land area, on that topic! Solid Reasons’ OneStory:Gospel, Purpose, Reality Conference My talk will be on the “Theology of Daredevil, Batman and the X-Men: Effective Principles to Successfully Connect with a Secular Society with the Mythology of SuperHeroes” It […]

Four Pillars to True Greatness

Discover the Four Paths of walking in prominence

face cosmos

Don’t try to shoot for greatness.  Don’t aim for goodness. Don’t try to find success.  What!? Yes you read that right.  Meaning or greatness do not come when you focus on them as theoretical entities.  In fact the more you focus on them the more you will miss them.  To be great we need to do […]

What you did not know about your soul

Two views of the origin of the soul


In the Harry Potter series, the Dementors drain the body of its soul.  But what is the soul and how did we get one?  Or are we one?  One day I asked my cobbler, “How is your soul?” and he said “You mean my sole”?  We got a good laugh. But how can we measure how […]

004: Science vs God– Are we all here by Chance?

Science vs religion and the paradoxes of naturalism

cosmos science

Something radical happened to me when I was 16 years old at Argo High School. My science teacher, Ms Moon began to talk about human evolution, she talked about, in so many words how we human beings, like other forms of life, have developed from aboriginal unicellular life by way of such mechanisms as natural […]