Welcome to Logically Faithful

If you want more out of life than the mediocre and superficial—then this site is for you!

For years, I have had people tell me, in person and in letters, that my teachings have changed their lives. It is humbling and amazing that God works through me this way.

So I decided to become deliberate about it.

My goal is to help people attain significance in their careers and flourish at life in a way that brings them greater fulfillment.

I do that primarily by analyzing current trends, theories and presuppositions people take for granted in speaking at business, corporate or educational institutions to empower and help people be more and do more in more effective ways.  I do that by blogging and doing podcasts on relevant issues in philosophy,science,  success, religion, apologetics and fulfillment. My personal interests are in the great ideas that transformed the world from everyone from Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, Pascal, Edwards, Luther and even modern thinkers like Plantinga, Michael Hyatt,  and Steve Jobs. Thus, I write on success, achievement, cognitive biases, philosophy, psychology, religion, apologetics, productivity, and becoming a person of lasting influence. From time to time, I write about material that does not have anything to do with any of these classifications. You can find out more on here.

I look forward to interacting with you!


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