012: Is the United States the Greatest Country in the World?

Interview with scholar John Wisley, Historian of American Exceptionalism.

Is America the Greatest Country in the world? Trump’s theme is “Make America Great Again” or “America First!” Is there anything wrong with this hypothesis? In this podcast I interview a scholar, my friend, John Wisley, Historian of American Exceptionalism.  We will address this question head on! 

John Wisely is Assistant Professor of History and Christian Apologetics at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary at the Houston campus. His areas of research include religious freedom, American historical theology, American identity, history of Western thought, race in American history, and civil religion. He blogs at To Breathe Your Free Air ! He has been working on a project about “American Exceptionalism,” and the resulting book–American Exceptionalism and Civil Religion: Reassessing the History of an Idea–was released late in 2015 by IVP Academic.

Dinesh D’Souza argues in his book What’s so Great about America, that ” My conclusion is that America is the greatest, freest, and most decent society in existence. It is an oasis of goodness in a desert of cynicism and barbarism. This country, once an experiment unique in the world, is now the last best hope for the world.”Dennis Prager argues similarly in his book Still the Best Hope: Why the World Needs American Values to Triumph, Is there any truth to this?

In this podcast we also discuss Jeff Daniels famous critique of America being NOT the greatest country in the world. See the video on it below. It is worth it!


But to be fair, here is a this rebuttal from Steven Crowder .

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  • Jen

    First of all let me start by saying how fascinated by the argument I was. I think it is a pretty natural response when we think of the United States of America ,we think freedom, but does that make America the greatest country in the world? Well it could be. However, like mentioned in the video with Jeff Daniels there is Canada, Belgium, Germany, and many others more that are also to be consider as a free country. There is no arguement that America , along with the other free countries, do not have the same kind of freedom and are not hoping for the same outcomes. I could say America is not great, because our prison systems, infant mortality, education ratings, and other reasons, but America is not the worst. America offers people there god given rights, and not just the right to bear arm or the right to assemble, but the freedom to believe in what we want or just simply having the right to an opinion. Some of the “free countries” are free under different terms and no country is run exactly the same. In a America,we are known to be equal opportunist society, it may not always seem that way, but our system is built to give us that chance. I think America is great, not to say it is prefect, but because America lets you be whoever you want to be and stand up for what you believe in.