Beauty of Evil

The Beauty of Evil:  The Eagle and Evil

  ….The danger of the tastiness of evil…

Alone.. on a mountain peak ~  He crouches and waits  ~  the wind bites his mighty back

he waits

The sun is setting and the moon is peaking out her majestic  face…. ~~ He should not be flying at night…He cares not ~~ and he upsets the air patterns with great wings ~~ up higher and higher he climbs ~~into the deep night ~~ into where no eagle should ever be He sees it when he comes out of the clouds ~~ but it is ebony ~~frozen ….so lovely…down down he dives… will It satisfy him again? ~~ Like last night? And the night before? What will the other eagles think? ~~ how fast is he going? ~~ There it is… he circles the air above it it is still laying on that ice raft. alone..~~ He is hungry… never before did he desire ~~ rotten flesh but dull conscience makes dull taste buds too ~~ It matters not. ~~ yes he should be hunting but this is so much easier so much easier…~~ “My fellow eagles tell me to stay away ” ~~ they say it is ……evil they don’t understand.. they don’t understand… I will eat just enough,  then I can fly away…as I did many times before.” Closer he dives ~~ closer ~~ closer…. He lands.. His talons sink deep into the frozen ice…~~ and he looks at it…smells it…tastes it. ~~ she has been dead for a long time…~~ He begins to feast on that which he was never meant to~~and when he is satisfied he will fly away like all the other times but this time it will be different……this time will be the last…

As the night grows old.. the waves around the dark icy waters become rough~~he sees the ice raft he is on is getting closer and closer to a waterfall ! ~~ He begins to lift his mighty wings to fly up…as he has done many times before~~but something is wrong terribly wrong… his talons.. they~~are frozen in the ice~~He tries and tries to pull them out…

but it is too late

The ice raft the eagle and the evil on it~~ all go crashing into the rocks bellow.

The eagle is a predator not a scavenger bird.

Are you and eagle or a vulture in your soul?

The eagle is not meant to be eating the remains of dead animals. Secondly he should not even be flying at night. His natural habit is in the day light. His body was that of an eagle’s, but his soul became that of a vulture’s.

So it is with our heart. Sin is that animal on the ice raft.  When we spend too much time with it, we begin to lust for it, it begins to look enticing and beautiful.  When we go to get our bite from sin we think we can do it and fly away when we are done. Not always so. There will come a time when our hearts will be so engrossed with the sin. That we will not even know it when we and the sin’s raft become one.  Our hearts will become so cold that they will freeze, and we won’t know it till it is too late.  We shall become our own prison. When the time comes to escape, we cannot.  We will find something worse. The fact that we cannot escape, is not as bad, for there is something far worse  … we will find that will not even want to.  And from there go down with the sin into the jaws of death itself. 

“Their deeds do not permit them to return to their God a spirit of prostitution is in their heart; they do not acknowledge the Lord”

Hosea 5:4

Come back to your rightful place as the eagle and not the vulture.  Return before it’s too late, come home. Come home.

I will close with these haunting words from Martin Lloyd Jones.:

“Be careful how you treat God, my friends.  You may say to yourself, ‘I can sin against God and then, of course, I can repent and go back and find God whenever I want him.’  You try it.  And you will sometimes find that not only can you not find God but that you do not even want to.  You will be aware of a terrible hardness in your heart.  And you can do nothing about it.  And then you suddenly realize that it is God punishing you in order to reveal your sinfulness and your vileness to you.  And there is only one thing to do.  You turn back to him and you say, ‘O God, do not go on dealing with me judicially, though I deserve it.  Soften my heart.  Melt me.  I cannot do it myself.’  You cast yourself utterly upon his mercy and upon his compassion.”

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Revival (Westchester, 1987), page 300.


 Return to your God
    You’re down but you’re not out.
Prepare your confession
    and come back to God.
Pray to him…

Hosea 14:1-2

Come back to life, real life. Come back home.


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  • widmy Dessources

    God could have made us robots, but he did not, he let us free to make choices. We often sin because they are temporary pleasures in it, we are attempted. We know it is wrong to do so, and we know that God is love he will forgive our sins if we seek his mercy. Some people will continue to sin day after day, telling themselves they will have time to repent. Some of us have no fear for God and his commandments. Its a very strong title and each of us are living our battle with the beauty of evil every day in our life. So we need to pray more and need to be careful not to be too dependable on certain things in this world, because they can be the evil work.