Forsaking God

The share of Americans who identify as atheists, agnostics and nones has roughly doubled in the past several years according to the Pew Research Center’s study From 2011-2014  It is even worse for Europe.

The most recent British Social Attitudes data shows that “No religion” is now by far the largest single identification in England and Wales. It is very nearly half the adult population,
and more that twice the proportion who self-identify as Anglican; it is four times the Catholic population, and more than five times the total identifying with non-Christian faiths. The same pattern is seen all across Europe and increasingly in the US too, where the first chair for the study of atheism has just been endowed at the University of Miami in  Florida.

Note this is not the case in Africa, Latin America and The Muslim world in general where passionate Islamist and Pentecostal Christianity is growing at rapid rates.

The rates of people leaving or doubting the claims of Christ are rising at alarming rates.  People today, especially young adults raised outside the church, are 70% less likely to consider the claims of the Bible than the previous four previous generations. Why is that? Why is skepticism on the rise?  See “The Need for Apologetics: What the Data Reveal about the Crisis of Faith among Young Christians in America”,by Larry Barnett, PhilosoPhia Christi Vol. 17, No. 2 2015

The data from the Next Generation Project  cannot be ignored. This is not just hyperbolic or fear mongering.   The research is from multiple credible sources such as:

  • The General Social Survey (1972–2014). ,
  • The University of Chicago’s National Opinion Research Council ( Consisting of nearly 60,000 interviews),
  • The Religious Landscape Study (conducted by the Pew Research Center),
  • The National Study of Youth and Religion (conducted by the University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill)

The conclusion: 

 Fully one-third of young Christians (36 percent) agree that ‘I don’t feel that I can ask my most pressing life questions in church.’ They conclude that “unresolved doubts and unanswered questions about Christianity are key factors in the movement of so many young adults away from Christ …[and thus] Our research strongly implicates a neglect of apologetics in the American church as a root cause of the decline in American Christianity.”

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Let us reach this generation together!! 

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