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Khaldoun will bring your group real wisdom they can use, in a spirit of fun, great energy, and practical application. He is a rare philosopher who understands modern business and contemporary culture. His insights can make a difference!

Tom MorrisPhD, Yale University,  Chairman of the Morris Institute for Human Values. Tom is one of the world’s top public philosophers and pioneering business thinkers. He’s the author of 20 groundbreaking books and is a legendary speaker whose electrifying talks reengage people around their deepest values and reignite their passion for work and life. Top business keynote speaker and author of such books as True Success,  If Aristotle Ran General Motors, and The Oasis Within.





If you are looking for dry, academic balderdash Dr. Khaldoun Sweis is clearly NOT the speaker for you. If, however, you are looking for someone to make philosophy fun, accessible and relevant, he’s your man. He is both erudite and entertaining, a confident and congenial speaker who understands that, far from being the dusty domain of scholars, philosophy is at the heart of the matter of every day living. A true “lover of wisdom,” he is equally at ease in discussing Plato or pop-culture, finding ways to connect Sartre and Superman and serving up observations that not only cut through the malarkey of modernity, but challenge and enlighten the mind, while nourishing the soul. We were privileged to have him speak on a panel about the moral themes in the hit Netflix series Daredevil — philosophy never sounded so cool.

David DiCerto Director of Film, TV & Mission Outreach Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen Center For Thought & Culture, NYC




I became riveted by his cogent philosophical analysis and compelling ontological insights. It became evident that he thought deeply about crucial social issues, such as genetic engineering and human enhancement, yet he demonstrated a solid biblical perspective, one built upon historical and ethical Christian thought….The reviews from attendees proved to be very positive. We all were challenged to think with a fresh perspective, one that promoted faith and wisdom.

Dr. Jeffry C. Davis, Ph.D -Director of Interdisciplinary Studies, Associate Professor of English, Wheaton College


chrisfirestone003Khaldoun Sweis is a passionate and persuasive speaker on all things
philosophy. He has a unique ability to make people feel comfortable,
and then to guide them toward deeper reflection on the nature of God,
the world, and themselves.  He engages well the introductory student,
the seasoned teacher, and everyone in between.  I recommend him
without qualification for public lecture, debate, or merely an
intimate philosophical conversation.
Chris Firestone, PhD –Chair and Professor of Philosophy 
Trinity Graduate School


dr-vera-averyhart-fullard“You are a very accomplished speaker who has the ability to have audiences think critically and open-minded about many issues, and perhaps even at times re-examine their own thought processes and beliefs.  Olive-Harvey College is very fortunate to have you.  You are definitely one of our most precious gifts!”

Dr. Vera Averyhart-Fullard, Ph.D.Dean, STEM Center for Teaching & Learning and Associate Professor of Chemistry, Olive-Harvey College.


dr-c-fred-smith“Dr. Khaldoun Sweis is an outstanding teacher and scholar.”

DrC. Fred Smith, PhD Associate Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies, Liberty University




Dr. Khaldoun Sweis indeed managed to prove that he is an excellent professor through his ability to cover in a short amount of time so many fields of interest in christian apologetics. Dr. Sweis is very skilled in presenting difficult apologetic truth in a way that even a neophyte will find it easy to grasp and to accept. On the top of those skills I would say that professor Sweis shines through his life testimony which proves that apologetic is not just a theological theory, but a way of living according to the great God that he is advocating for.

—Dr. Radu Cimpean – Assistant Professor – Baptist Theological Seminary, Bucharest.


pastor-daniel-chiu-logos-churchI am not hesitant when it comes to express my appreciation for your ministry in our Church. Your type of ministry, which is directed toward strengthening the faith of the new generation of believers is in much demand, knowing that most of the churches’ young people going to college bankrupt their faith while in undergraduate studies.  Your approach to apologetics is also remarkable. You present the opposing view in all its strengths and then proceed to demolish it with cogent arguments.

Pastor Daniel Chiu Logos Church, Chicago.


Dr. Khaldoun Sweis’ presentation … enhanced the discussion and the overall conference experience, synergy, synthesis, and fellowship for all participants. Dr. Sweis commanded the audience’s attention as he spoke convincingly on a fascinating topic: “Existing Without My Body: Technological & Spiritual Possibilities,” one of the highlights of this international conference.

Dr. Oskar Gruenwald, Ph.D., JIS Editor JIS 2014 Symposium Coordinator, Institute for Interdisciplinary Research


I had the privilege to hear Dr. Khaldoun Sweis lecturing on Christian apologetics in Romania…during a youth conference. I found his talks on different issues regarding God’s existence, atheism, the solid base of Christian faith, both insightful and useful for students and even for teenagers. Though he definitely is a scholar who can handle theological and philosophical issues, he skillfully managed to address the audience in a manner which made them appreciate the argumentation and the practicality of his talks. We were challenged to give more thought to Christian apologetics for everyday life. The feedback received after the conference was more than positive.

Teo Colda , Tutor in New Testament Studies and Church History la Baptist Theological Institute in Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania


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