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Dr. Khaldoun Sweis indeed managed to prove that he is an excellent professor through his ability to cover in a short amount of time so many fields of interest in christian apologetics. Dr. Sweis is very skilled in presenting difficult apologetic truth in a way that even a neophyte will find it easy to grasp and to accept. On the top of those skills I would say that professor Sweis shines through his life testimony which proves that apologetic is not just a theological theory, but a way of living according to the great God that he is advocating for.

—Dr. Radu Cimpean – Assistant Professor – Baptist Theological Seminary, Bucharest.


pastor-daniel-chiu-logos-churchI am not hesitant when it comes to express my appreciation for your ministry in our Church. Your type of ministry, which is directed toward strengthening the faith of the new generation of believers is in much demand, knowing that most of the churches’ young people going to college bankrupt their faith while in undergraduate studies.  Your approach to apologetics is also remarkable. You present the opposing view in all its strengths and then proceed to demolish it with cogent arguments.

Pastor Daniel Chiu Logos Church, Chicago.


Dr. Khaldoun Sweis’ presentation … enhanced the discussion and the overall conference experience, synergy, synthesis, and fellowship for all participants. Dr. Sweis commanded the audience’s attention as he spoke convincingly on a fascinating topic: “Existing Without My Body: Technological & Spiritual Possibilities,” one of the highlights of this international conference.

Dr. Oskar Gruenwald, Ph.D., JIS Editor JIS 2014 Symposium Coordinator, Institute for Interdisciplinary Research


I had the privilege to hear Dr. Khaldoun Sweis lecturing on Christian apologetics in Romania…during a youth conference. I found his talks on different issues regarding God’s existence, atheism, the solid base of Christian faith, both insightful and useful for students and even for teenagers. Though he definitely is a scholar who can handle theological and philosophical issues, he skillfully managed to address the audience in a manner which made them appreciate the argumentation and the practicality of his talks. We were challenged to give more thought to Christian apologetics for everyday life. The feedback received after the conference was more than positive.

Teo Colda , Tutor in New Testament Studies and Church History la Baptist Theological Institute in Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania

 Dr. Sweis’ presentation –“The Most Effective Strategies in Public Speaking to Wow your Students “– enthralled the faculty of Olive-Harvey College. He imparted his knowledge and expertise to colleagues and administrators in an engaging and light-hearted fashion. The techniques he shared were each supported with evidence and research, while still presenting in a fun, relevant, and relatable way. His passion and charisma always make for a great experience!

Elissa Tobin
Technology Integration Specialist
Olive-Harvey College

Student Testimonials

I would like you to know that you are very intelligent and passionate at what you do. Out of all my professors you were very dedicated, enthusiastic and do all you can to help your students to succed the best way possible. I never had and instructor challege my mind and thinking process (critical thinking) like you do. I must say this class was vey interesting, i love this class and i am glad your were the one who taugh it.

–Domoniqe Robinson (2014)

 I personally assumed this class would be easy with very little ‘real life’ take away. I was completely wrong. Never have I been able to appreciate a college course so much.

–Matthew Battiest (2014)

I enjoyed engaging with you in class, (often without the rest of the class :]) and getting to know you more on a personal level. Thank you for all you help and compassion you’ve shown. I appreciate teachers like you greatly. You’ve help create a spark of interest in becoming one myself. I hope I can work for you this fall semester so as to increase my understanding of Philosophy. Thank you again and may you always be blessed and highly favored by God.

–Taylor Gilbert (2014)

 I count you amongst my favorite and most memorable professors. You taught me not only to question what I believe but why I believe it, in doing so you have helped to strengthen my foundation in my belief of God and for that I am eternally grateful! 

–Vanessa Perry (2014)

I thought your class was FANTASTIC! Your teaching method is very effective. You created a very comfortable learning environment for the students. I was able to learn what was being taught easily because the class discussions reiterated what I had read . I learned what critical thinking is and the importance of it. You made topics relatable by using examples from your own personal experiences. I truly enjoyed this class and would definitely recommend it to someone else who may be considering taking it.

–Lisa Williams (2013)

Overall I feel the class really help me as a person thats not really into reading newspapers and watching the news. It help me realize its allot of things going on in the world that I should be more aware of. …. Overall the class really helped me better myself in life and Mr. Sweis did a good job on helping me get there.

–Damien Enoch (2013)

 I know first things first I will never believe what anyone says to me without an logical explanation for it. This class showed me that I have accepted a lot of excuses in my life without really questioning it. I also learned how to semi persuade others to my liking. Even though I never debated I understand the significance of it and wished that was something I took in my lifetime. I know how to prove myself and my case using logical reasoning instead of expecting a person to believe what am I saying just because I am saying it. I don’t believe your class was hard, the assignments were moderate. ….This class taught me to ask questions more and instead of being gullible be well informed. Also thank you for taking the time out for working with me and giving me a chance to succeed in your class. I really appreciate it and you.

—Bolanie Ajimotokan (2013)

Working for you has been one of the best experiences for me while being at Olive-Harvey College. Throughout my first month on the job, you’ve entrusted me with important projects which have allowed me to use all of my strengths and talents. I must say, reading complicated books and doing massive research on topics such as Chemical weapons, Syria attack, and embryonic stem cells has really helped me gain a complete understanding of those issues. Overall, this will be material that I can share with others who may, also, be skeptical. This involvement certainly showed me that I would love to go into the field of Philosophy as my major. It is more so because of the readings that made me realize philosophy is the way of life… life! I enjoyed my time working with you this semester and I plan to continue working for you in the near future. Thank you Dr. Sweis sir, for helping me become more organized in my work and in my thoughts about the world around me. I appreciate these opportunities so much, as well as the chance you’ve given me to be your TA.

–Jatae Steele (2013)

     I would like to take the time to thank you for being an incredible professor and overall intellect.  This semester, you have encouraged, inspired, and motivated me to critically think about everything.  Your Ethics class has challenged me to be a critical thinker in every aspect of life.  Although, Ethics teaches you to think, your demonstration was most effective in my learning.  Dr. Sweis, you are an outstanding professor and it was an honor and pleasure to learn from your “gift.” …Through your teachings, it taught me to be stronger, yet it showed me how to be more compassionate for others.  Your faith in God shows in your walk and in your teachings and I truly am proud to have learned from you.  Thank you so much for all the encouraging words, and in the future I will always think of how you taught me to “dig deep.”

–Shanelle Martin (2013)

 I must express my gratitude, and compliment you for your scholastic contribution to your profession as an educator and man of faith.   I am thankful to be a product of your educational experience. From the moment I walked into your Ethic Classroom I know that my life wound change forever.   It is my understanding that all teachers, instructors and educators look for the day that they can make a positive impact in the life of a student.  Professor Swiss, look no further for I am that student you have empowered through lessons taught in the classroom. … Lessons that change lives more than you think Professor Swiss.  Yes, there was a student paying attention in your class and because of those lessons I today I am a better person…Thank you, Professor Swiss, for making positive changes in the world from your classroom.

God bless you and your family.

—Ezequiel Rivera and family (2013)

 Dr. Sweis is disciplined, effective, efficient, consistent and concise.  I am delighted to have had the pleasure of absorbing his wisdom, knowledge and understanding during his Religion class 103, “The New Testament”, fall 2012. …Dr. Sweis has been graced with kindness, firmness and intellect from God, and His Holy Word.  I can appreciate the spiritual balance of my education from being a student of Dr. K. Sweis at Olive Harvey City College.

–Nora Truss (2012)

It was indeed a great pleasure to be one of your students.  Never before have I experienced and instructor who was so excited and prepared to teach his or her class as you did. You entered the class with such felicity. Truly, you made my day. The way you greeted the class and expressed how happy you were to see our faces brought joy to many hearts.  In each class you displayed kindness and concern for each student. You also demonstrated a positive atmosphere through your daily personality. You stayed the same each day. Each student was treated with kindness and respect. Another side of you showed compassion toward our feeling and emotions. You listened to us, and you heard us, and you responded to us. You, Prof. Sweis made yourself available to each student.  Thank your for being such a wonder person and teacher. You taught your class many wonderful things about ethics and mortal values. It gave us something to reflect upon instead of going along with the majority. There is an absolutely right and wrong. You helped us to take a closer look at ethics, values, and life. I am so grateful to have had you as my instructor. Once again, I would like to thank you for being a wonderful person ad teacher. Thank you for encouraging your students to pursue their dreams. I believe that Olive-Harvey College is blessed to have a wonderful instructor as you.  When they picked you, they actually picked the best.

–Margie Tabb (2012)

Dear Professor Sweis,

I am writing this email out of gratitude, I am so thankful to have been a part of your class. I always feel whenever a professor/teacher has touched your life in any kind of way; you should pay your respect if you can. I love the fact that you treated your students with respect, dignity, and as equals. You always would strive to do your best to engage every last one of us in any discussion or assignment etc. I felt, which I know that I’m not alone with this thought, that you genuinely cared about your students, and that you’re not just putting on some act. I knew from day one that you were a professor who loved to teach, and everything that comes along with the job. So with these things being said, I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for being a great professor! Now as I go on to continue my journey at Purdue Calumet, I hope that I will one day in our futures cross paths with you again.


Tiffany Bennett (2015) for availability