Sample Speaking topics


1) The Necessity and Limits of Science : The philosophical problems of Naturalism

2) Bible Contradictions and the Inerrancy of the Bible: Addressing the cannon and the divergent manuscripts issues

3) Atheism: A Critical Assessment: Evaluating atheism and its major logical arguments against God

4) Three Objections to Christianity: I)Faith is the opposite of reason, II) Christ cannot be the only way, III) Bible is full of Contradictions

5) Why God is Silent? : Addressing the difficulty of the Hiddenness of God

6) Islamic objections: Understanding the Nature of Islam and Addressing the major Muslim arguments

7) Public Speaking Strategies to Wow your Audience: Learn the most effective ways to reach the maximum amount of people with ideas that stick

8) What’s God have to do with it : Wise Tactics in addressing Religion in the secular classroom –Especially for Faculty at Secular Colleges or Universities

9) Engaging Culture: Effective blueprints and principles to effectively connect with your culture leaving a fragrance that cannot be ignored.

10) Absolute Evil: Addressing the problem of evil in a world that denies absolutes.

11) Pluralism: The unity of truth and the plurality of religions