006: The Secret of Getting People’s Attention Part 2

A Fascinating Interview with WorldClass Communicator Ken Davis Part 2

What are some of the greatest mistakes people make in communication?  How can we really reach the maximum number of people with our talks? If you want to know, then listen to this podcast.  It is part 2 of my serendipitous interview with
Ken Davis! Ken’s books have received national critical acclaim and he has been the keynote speaker for hundreds of major corporate and faith based events. As president of Dynamic Communications International, he teaches speaking skills to corporate executives and ministry professionals. Ken’s daily radio show, Lighten Up!, is heard on over 1500 stations in the United States and around the world.

In this interview podcast I ask Ken direct questions about how to really connect with people.

This is what we will cover..

  1. What is SCORRE method of public speaking? How did you stumble upon you?
  2. What are the #1 and # 2 reasons most people FAIL to succeed with presentations?
  3. How does one avoid using speaking methodologies as a tool to manipulate one’s audience?  For example, Billy Graham has preplanned people begin to walk down the aisle when an invitation is given at his crusades to encourage others to get off their behinds and walk down the aisle too.
  4. What if we got started today with your suggestions?… what would our presentations look like in 30 days, 90 days, or a year?
  5. What additional resources, books, websites, are available to help ensure success?

If you want to take your public speaking skills to the next level, I cannot recommend this conference SCORRE more than I do!  It has had a major and revolutionarily impact on my own public speaking!

See http://www.scorreconference.tv or http://www.kendavis.com 

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  • Darlene Pawlik

    Love the quote “The more you sweat in practice,…”

    • Hi Darlene ! Thanks !
      It was my first interview. Was flustered. But I hope to learn from it. Yes the more you sweat in practice the less you bleed in battle ! 😀

      • Darlene Pawlik

        You did a great job! You make me smile.