208: 5 Proofs of the Soul Podcast

2.08: Listen to the 5 proofs of the Soul !

You are not a body, or a soul in a body, or a body with a soul.  Rather you are a soul and body in psycosomaic unity !  In this podcast I cover 5 reasons why the soul exists and you are not reducible to your body!

There are five reasons for believing we are or have souls.   This is not physical proof; it is, rational proof, or logical evidence to believe in souls.  They are

1) quaila, –Personal Experience 

2) the unity of consciousness,–Unity of Experiences 

3) intentionality, –Aboutness, thoughts 

4) freewill –ability to choose otherwise

 5) personal identity  –what makes you the same being throughout your lifetime?

The full article is in the last post here.  

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