002: Three Questions that we cannot ignore

Podcast 2: The Three Questions to Engage Culture

There are three main questions we need to address to make sense of the world.  These three will be discussed in this podcast.  A few months ago, I had this conversation, “How can you be thankful? You are an atheist!”  This is what I said, with a smile,  to a friend of mine who told me that he was very thankful for his Thanksgiving.   He said, “What do you mean?”  “Well if there is no one to thank— how can you be thankful?” I said.  He said “ I can be thankful to the universe.” I said “The universe can give a flying rip about you! “It does not care about you or anyone.”   We had a lively conversation.  What I did there was ask him to question his own reasoning.

Gregory Koukl of Stand to Reason helps us here. I strongly recommend his book, Tactics.


Koukl argues that are two types of questions you can ask anyone.

Definition Question: 1) What do you mean by that?

Evidence Question: 2) What reason do you have for your position?

I add a third, an Application Question

3) What difference does it make? Or in teenager language, “so what!?” or “why should I care?”

In this podcast, I open  a portion of a lecture at Trinity International University on engaging culture.

As you engage people you may run into some who will tell you,  “No matter what you say to me, I will never change my mind!” No matter what they say, you can still leave a fragrance behind.  At 3 am, when they are alone with the man in the mirror, your words may be used to prick their hearts.

Lets hope it is a fragrance and not a stench you do leave behind!


 A professor said to his high school students one day, “You know the two greatest problems of the youth are?  “I don’t know and I don’t care!!”  said one of his students. Yes that is it, ignorance and apathy! 

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