0207: 3 Ways to Deal with Gun Tragedy

0207: Podcast on Mass Shootings, Suffering and God's Sovergnity

There have been 307 mass shootings in the US so far in 2017* Where is God in all of this? How can he allow this suffering? How should the faithful face these tragedies?   In this podcast, we address this issue head on! In all of this remember that God walks with you in your […]

Four Pillars to True Greatness

Discover the Four Paths of walking in prominence

Don’t try to shoot for greatness.  Don’t aim for goodness. Don’t try to find success.  What!? Yes you read that right.  Meaning or greatness do not come when you focus on them as theoretical entities.  In fact the more you focus on them the more you will miss them.  To be great we need to do […]