208: 5 Proofs of the Soul Podcast

2.08: Listen to the 5 proofs of the Soul !

You are not a body, or a soul in a body, or a body with a soul.  Rather you are a soul and body in psycosomaic unity !  In this podcast I cover 5 reasons why the soul exists and you are not reducible to your body! There are five reasons for believing we are or […]

0207: 3 Ways to Deal with Gun Tragedy

0207: Podcast on Mass Shootings, Suffering and God's Sovergnity

There have been 307 mass shootings in the US so far in 2017* Where is God in all of this? How can he allow this suffering? How should the faithful face these tragedies?   In this podcast, we address this issue head on! In all of this remember that God walks with you in your […]

0206: Key to Happiness. Its not what you think!!

Let your agony become your ecstasy

What is the Key to Happiness?  What is the one thing we all need to be content and at peace?  Is there such a thing?  Yes and No.  In this podcast, I will cover 5 major areas that can contribute to helping us get closer and closer to this elusive happiness. In this podcast, I […]

205: No, Good People do not make it to Heaven!

2.05: Yes God does use suffering to make us powerful--but not how we think

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson says that “Faith Helped My Depression”  He wrote that “You’re not the first to go through it; you’re not going to be the last to go through it. And oftentimes — it happens — you just feel like you’re alone. You feel like it’s only you. You’re in your bubble,” he said. […]

0204: Feeling Abandoned and Betrayed by God?

0204: Addressing The Hiddnessness of God

I have a secret to tell about many deep and spiritual Christians. It’s a dark secret many of us do not wish to talk about.  Many of us wish it was not there.  Many will pretend it is not there! But the fact of the matter is that it is universal and epidemic!  It is […]

203: 4 ways to address painful doubts

2.03: Navigating through Spiritual and Painful Doubts

Something I will never forget happened to me in my first year at Eastern Illinois University. The professor said something that altered my life that day, and I did something that I would regret for the rest of my life! That professor was a strange one, but strange ones make a difference in the world, […]

202: How the Death of my Son Changed and Transformed me

02.02 Season two Episode 2

He died in my arms. My son.  September 20th, 2006 was the day that changed my life. It was the day my son, Enoch, was taken by God. I went through suffering that no words could express. A perpetually wounded heart that would not mend, a broken body for which there is no antidote, and […]

201: Three ways to see beyond your despair to ultimate wonder!

Season 2.0 Episode 1

“I hate my life.  I wish I was dead.  My life is a big fat lie!  I feel so lost and empty– a fake.   No one cares and I am tired of pretending that I am someone I am not.  I am suffocating.”  These are the honest thoughts I had many years ago.  But […]

013: What is a true hero? An Analysis of Superhero mythology

Interview with Adam Barkman on the philosophy of Superheroes

We assume that fairy tales, stories and legends of heroes and superheroes are all just for children, untrue and unreal. But that may not be the case! Did you know that there is a similar thread running through all the hero and superhero stories of all the mythologies of all time?! Yes, even superheroes are all images […]

012: Is the United States the Greatest Country in the World?

Interview with scholar John Wisley, Historian of American Exceptionalism.

Is America the Greatest Country in the world? Trump’s theme is “Make America Great Again” or “America First!” Is there anything wrong with this hypothesis? In this podcast I interview a scholar, my friend, John Wisley, Historian of American Exceptionalism.  We will address this question head on!  John Wisely is Assistant Professor of History and Christian Apologetics […]