Proofs for the Soul

5 Reasons you are much more than your body

When my son died, I struggled thinking “God and Christianity–is this for real? Is this all a cosmic joke!”  I needed to have real evidence for my beliefs, otherwise, they are empty and emotional poetry!  I looked for hard evidence, and what I found was just amazing!   “The hope of another life,” wrote Will […]

0206: Key to Happiness. Its not what you think!!

Let your agony become your ecstasy

What is the Key to Happiness?  What is the one thing we all need to be content and at peace?  Is there such a thing?  Yes and No.  In this podcast, I will cover 5 major areas that can contribute to helping us get closer and closer to this elusive happiness. In this podcast, I […]

0205: No! Good People do not make it to Heaven!

Yes God does use suffering to make us powerful--but not how we think he should

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson says that “Faith Helped My Depression”  He wrote that “You’re not the first to go through it; you’re not going to be the last to go through it. And oftentimes — it happens — you just feel like you’re alone. You feel like it’s only you. You’re in your bubble,” he said. […]

0204: Feeling Abandoned and Betrayed by God?

0204: Addressing The Hiddnessness of God

I have a secret to tell about many deep and spiritual Christians. It’s a dark secret many of us do not wish to talk about.  Many of us wish it was not there.  Many will pretend it is not there! But the fact of the matter is that it is universal and epidemic!  It is […]

201: Three ways to see beyond your despair to ultimate wonder!

Season 2.0 Episode 1

“I hate my life.  I wish I was dead.  My life is a big fat lie!  I feel so lost and empty– a fake.   No one cares and I am tired of pretending that I am someone I am not.  I am suffocating.”  These are the honest thoughts I had many years ago.  But […]

What you did not know about your soul

Two views of the origin of the soul

In the Harry Potter series, the Dementors drain the body of its soul.  But what is the soul and how did we get one?  Or are we one?  One day I asked my cobbler, “How is your soul?” and he said “You mean my sole”?  We got a good laugh. But how can we measure how […]

003: The Danger of Consistently Reading the Bible

Podcast 3: Revitalize your quite times or they will kill your spirit

Do your devotions ever become monotonous, dull, repetitive and painful?  You are not alone. Something needs to change otherwise your prayer life and spiritual life in general can become a burden rather than a joy. This podcast addresses this issue. EM Bounds said that  “Prayer is the easiest and hardest of all things. It is the simplest and the most […]

Am I more than my body? The error of Descartes

Was Descartes wrong? Giving a more holism account of human personhood

The body of Rene Descartes was found in the Chicago river yesterday.  The body of Aristotle is in room 343.  Why do we not say, Aristotle is in room 343? Or that Descartes was found in the river?  Unless they are more than their bodies. Maybe our use of this language is a clue to our nature. Without much objection from […]

Are you “spiritual but not religious?”

Check out Eric Hyde's Blog
Dec 5, 2012

This is a brilliant article on the common aphorism of “being spiritual and not religious” by Eric Hyde, you absolutely must read!

In my experience, I found that people who claim they are spiritual, but not religious, usually want to distance themselves from organized religions–sometimes for legitimate reasons but mostly for emotional reasons–not logical ones.  But the cost of being spiritual without a religious foundation, is religious relativism and subjectivism that ends up believing anything and everything without any rational basis.  It confuses emotional highs with spiritual substance.  It also tragically leads toward no moral accountability at all.

Here is a snippet of Eric Hyde’s article:

I have found the phrase, “I am spiritual, not religious,” and its redheaded stepchild, “I follow Jesus, not tradition,” to be manifestations of spiritual pride, not spiritual enlightenment. These phrases are almost always accompanied by a corresponding lifestyle where the rules are made up as you go and all things are ultimately justifiable in the light of “personal revelation.” It is a world of Christianity where there is no human authority, save oneself; where millions of individual “popes” abound, but the Church is nonexistent; it’s essentially a personal religious-potpourri not unlike New Age adherence, with slightly different language.

To claim to be spiritual and not religious is like claiming to have taken a swim without getting wet. Anyone who embarks on anything spiritual will either receive the religious tradition from which it comes, or create their own religious tradition in the attempt to understand and practice it. The next time you hear the phrase, or, God forbid, say the phrase, remember that it has no meaning whatsoever. It is perhaps one of the emptiest phrases ever developed in the English language.

What do you think? Is Eric right?