2.01: Three ways to see beyond your despair to ultimate wonder!

Season 2.0 Episode 1

“I hate my life.  I wish I was dead.  My life is a big fat lie!  I feel so lost and empty– a fake.   No one cares and I am tired of pretending that I am someone I am not.  I am suffocating.”  These are the honest thoughts I had many years ago.  But […]

004: Science vs God– Are we all here by Chance?

Science vs religion and the paradoxes of naturalism

Something radical happened to me when I was 16 years old at Argo High School. My science teacher, Ms Moon began to talk about human evolution, she talked about, in so many words how we human beings, like other forms of life, have developed from aboriginal unicellular life by way of such mechanisms as natural […]

Fake it! Sometimes its the right thing to do

How pretending we are what we are not, could help us become it

“Life is a stage and we are all the actors.” So said William Shakespeare.  It was the first day of school, I was terrified.  Then 20 years later, the first day on the job as a teacher, I was terrified again —but for a different reason. That is when something I will never forget happened . […]