Are You Really Free? Think Again! 8 Ways to Address the lack of Free Speech

Christanophobia, limited expression and speaking the truth in love

It is amazing that 40% of our younger generation (Millennials) are against free-speech. And it is not even allowed on my campus, as my own colleagues have tried to shut down a long-standing debate series I moderate. This article offers some hope and practical steps on how to deal with limited-free speech. We just passed […]

0206: Key to Happiness. Its not what you think!!

Let your agony become your ecstasy

What is the Key to Happiness?  What is the one thing we all need to be content and at peace?  Is there such a thing?  Yes and No.  In this podcast, I will cover 5 major areas that can contribute to helping us get closer and closer to this elusive happiness. In this podcast, I […]

004: Science vs God– Are we all here by Chance?

Science vs religion and the paradoxes of naturalism

Something radical happened to me when I was 16 years old at Argo High School. My science teacher, Ms Moon began to talk about human evolution, she talked about, in so many words how we human beings, like other forms of life, have developed from aboriginal unicellular life by way of such mechanisms as natural […]

“What is Philosophy? Plato’s Cave Lecture”
by Khaldoun Sweis

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This is a short lecture I gave on “what is philosophy” and Plato’s Cave in my Philosophy  class at Olive-Harvey College in Chicago on Aug 8, 2013.

Your comments/questions and of course criticisms are welcome.

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What is Truth?–Philosophy Lecture

What is truth?  What is really true in life?  How does one make sense of this in light of competing theories on truth? What is truth audio file Audio File with my lecture on Truth is here This is a philosophy lecture I gave at Olive-Harvey in Chicago on Sept 9, 2013. Your comments are welcome […]