Did God return to the crime scene?

God's Crime Scene: A review of J. Warrer Wallace's latest book

God’s Crime Scene, by Jim Warner Wallace is a fantastic and absolutely engaging book.  It is his sequel to his Cold Case Christianity: A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospels.  In this book, Wallace investigates the evidence for the existence of God using multiple sources in very creative ways.

There are a few interviews J. Warner Wallace had with Bobby Conway from The One Minute Apologist that are helpful..

Wallace asks us to imagine when a crime scene happens we need to ask if the dead body was a result of a suicide, a natural cause, or a murder.  He brilliantly brings this into the issue of the naturalism vs the theistic concept of God.

Wallace writes that God’s existence is similar by analogy. If all the evidence  we have of how the universe came to be can be explained by looking inside the universe,  then naturalism or atheism may be true.  But what if the evidence points to someone outside the room or universe being culprit?  What if the “intruder” is timeless, space-less, extremely powerful and very intelligent?   Who else but God has this on his resume?  What if the intruder returned to the “crime scene”? Could it be Jesus Christ as the culprit?

Wallace identifies eight pieces of evidence in the universe that point to something outside the room, or the universe being responsible for it:

  1. The origin of the universe
  2. The fine-tuning of the universe
  3. The origin of life
  4. The origin of new life forms and biological machines
  5. Consciousness
  6. Free will
  7. Objective Moral Values
  8. Evil

God’s Crime Scene is an deeply engaging read.  Wallace peppers the whole book full of real stories from his experience as a  cold-case homicide detective, which makes for a very interesting book!  Here is an example of two the many creative illustrations from the book as well as a short video on it.





I urge you to read and use and study this book as a tool to help navigate the secular waters of our world.

In fact Jim Wallace has at his side many respectable scholars much wiser and more experienced than I who strongly recommend this wonderful resource!

For example … here are just a few voices …

“Sherlock Holmes has nothing on J. Warner Wallace. In God’s Crime Scene, Wallace uses the tools of a world-class homicide detective to discern whether or not clues point in the direction of a Divine Intruder. The reader can almost hear the words, ‘Elementary…my dear Watson,’ as Wallace evaluates the evidence for cosmic design. A highly readable resource by which seekers and skeptics can follow truth toward its origins.”

Hank Hanegraaff

Bestselling Author and President of the Christian Research Institute

“I have had the distinct pleasure of working a number of difficult and multifaceted homicide cases with Jim Wallace. In a complex homicide, using analytical logic serves to make the story of the crime and crime scene understandable to the jury. Jim utilizes the same methodology to apply his carefully constructed and well thought out arguments explaining the existence of God through the creation of the universe. His simple yet superb analysis and analogies to crime scene investigations is a must-read for those of faith and more importantly for those with questions and doubts.”

Mark Safarik

FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit Criminal Profiler (Ret.), Forensic Behavioral Services International, Director

“J. Warner Wallace has done something rare in God’s Crime Scene. He has managed to wrestle complex issues in science and philosophy into a coherent, accessible, and wickedly fun defense of the theistic view of the world that readers will thoroughly enjoy. Others have tried and, in my view, have fallen far short. Wallace succeeds and with tremendous flair. I encourage every church and small group on the planet to gather together and study this book. Christendom will be much better off for doing so.”

Craig J. Hazen, Ph.D.

Founder and Director of the Graduate Program in Christian Apologetics at Biola University and author of Five Sacred Crossings.

See http://godscrimescene.com 

Khaldoun Sweis