Welcome to the LoPhone_Mockup_5gicallyfaithful podcast SEASON 2

Are you going through a difficult time?  Break up? Divorce?   Lost your job? Suffering health problems? Feeling depressed & lost?

Do you have questions about your faith? God? Jesus? The reliability of the Bible or how science makes sense with spirituality?

You have no one to turn too?

You want to believe in some kind of hope?
That someone or something is watching or caring about you?

This podcast is created to help you find evidence for your faith in God through Christ to deal with suffering in a way that will help have a fulfilled and productive life.

Most of the great philosophers of the past like Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and, Augustine held that the major questions of life lead back to the great pillars of the True, Good and Beautiful. It is possible to go through an entire Western education without giving serious thought to these transcendent issues.

We have an infinite appetite for distractions that keep us from thinking seriously and acting rightly. 

 I will show you, from the depth of my own struggle, how to overcome and rise higher than you have ever been.

I will inspire you with facts evidence & stories of inspiration.
God said you… you are precious in his eyes … and He loves you.” Isaiah 43:4a

Join me for Season 2 of Logically Faithful.

This time, be prepard for being more real, more transparent and have more evidence and inspiriation than ever before!




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